Zanzibar is actually an archipelago consisting of two large islands, Unguja (Zanzibar Island)
and Pemba, plus several smaller islets. Zanzibar Island is steeped in Arabic history and is famous for its exotic spice industry and stunning white sand beaches. Historic, Zanzibar Stone Town has the main port of Zanzibar and is the main trading center. It is was home to both the Omani Sultans and colonial administrations as well as the current leadership. Stone Town is a world heritage site and well worth a visit.Zanzibar was also the setting for the shortest war in history which occured in 1896 and lasted just 38 minutes before capitulation to the British navy. This marked the end of Zanzibar as a sovereign state.

There is a central forest (Jozani) with endemic Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkeys and mangrove swamps teaming with bird life. There is also the opportunity to swim with dolphins or to go to a butterfly farm. It is possible to arrange a sunset dhow trip and visits to the smaller islands, and of course no visit to Zanzibar would be complete without taking a Spice Tour to learn about the main traditional economy of the island. Scuba diving is also a big attraction, with good coral reefs around the island and several PADI-certified dive centres and schools.

Popular areas:
Chumbe Island
Nungwi and Kendwa